The Entrepreneurs Toolkit

We work with entrepreneurs, helping them to get set up, to develop growth strategies and work with them as a go to resource for entrepreneurs, helping them to grow their businesses . We have seminars, open coffee, networking events on a regular basis, working with some leading entrepreneurs in Ireland.

This community of entrepreneurs are interesting to work with and we help them in the creating of their brand, their software and helping them in terms of accountancy, business advisory and consultancy.

This may involve listening, it may involve helping with technical resources and sometimes may involve even providing some suitable start-up co-working space and meeting space, helping the right team to build, market, grow in scale these tech businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. We enjoy working with entrepreneurs, helping them to achieve their goals from business plans to scaling up their business. We do this on a totally private and confidential basis and act for some of Ireland’s leading entrepreneurs on a consultancy basis. A lot of our entrepreneurial clients are in the tech. space and we enjoy working with them to add value.