Doing Business In Kinsale 2019/2020

Kinsale is a very vibrant town with a very vibrant community and the purpose of the initiative was to pull together the various strands of the community to work together. This has been hugely successful and something that was raised in the Oireachtas, that could be rolled out in to every town in Ireland. The theme of the Doing Business In Kinsale 2018/2019 was in the area of education and entrepreneurship and gave certain people and businesses a way of showcasing what they do and the strategy really is to pick a various theme each year to focus on in the town as the theme of the publication.

The outcomes and results have been really positive feedback. Because it is an e-book format, it is available to download anywhere in the world and we have received some really great outcomes and results from this initiative. We screen it for content, our team at Fitzgerald & Partners screen it and we get as much feedback on it before we actually finalise the project and initiative. We are now in the process of starting 2019/2020 publication and this will have a theme of sports and the arts.

Our first “Doing Business In Kinsale 2017" had a key theme of education running through it. Our second one had a key theme of entrepreneurship combined with education running through it, as education is an important factor for leading CEO’s and executives to base their family here, to have good education locally is one of their deciding factors in moving to an area. It has been a very exciting project. We also have hardcopies of it which we will bring to various events, meetings with Government, etc That was one area that we focused on as a niche that centred and anchored ourselves in the heart of the community.

If you would like to be part of our 2019/20 publication please email us and you can see our current version on as a guideline. It is open to all local stakeholders who have an interest in the town or local groups, organisations, charities and business.